Just Smile™ Korean Magnetic Clay Mask

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Cleansing your face isn’t enough to remove all the dirt, oil, sweat, dead skin cells and other contaminants from your pores.

Developed and refined the exclusive formula in the Just Smile Korean Magnetic Clay Mask, which is a rich blend of all-natural botanical oils & volcanic minerals. The magnetic wand draws pollutants up and out of your skin with 3,000g of lifting power, while the mask leaves behind a layer of nourishing ingredients to enrich your skin with a healthy glow.

Just smooth the product on your skin, then use the magnet to remove it. Like magic, the wand removes impurities that lead to premature aging, creating immediately visible results. The mask provides long-lasting hydration, infuses skin with a premium blend of moisture and nutrients, and results in a revitalized look and feel. You’ll be amazed how this innovative technology reveals your skin’s inner beauty.

Gift Magnetic Box Package Includes:

1x Just Smile™ Magnetic Clay Mask 80g

1x Mask Applicator

1x Just Smile™ Magnetic Wand

1x Pack of Magnetic Wand Cover